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Atlas Copco GX5-11 Compressor

Atlas Copco GX5-11 Compressor
Product Information

The GX5-11 series incorporate proven Atlas Copco industrial rotary technology, providing optimum performance, high reliability, long lifetime and reduced maintenance requirements.

Total integration of refrigerant dryer, compressed air filters and air tank results in a complete compressed air system, including all connections and outlet valve, in less then lm2. Combined with the low noise levels, down to 66dB(A), it makes the GX the perfect compressed air solution for workshops and light industry.

Flexibility in design, covers every type of installation:
- Full Feature variant (FF): including an integrated refrigerant dryer, ensuring clean and dry air at all times
- Pack variant (P): offering all the benefits of the Full Feature, but excluding the air treatment equipment

Both variants are available as tank-mounted and floor-mounted model.

All the benefits of Atlas Copco's experience in design and manufacturing of industrial compressors are combined in the GX series.

High reliability
• Industrial compressor technology
• High quality in design, components and manufacturing
• Complete compressed air system factory tested
The use of Atlas Copco rotary screw elements, designed for 100% continuous operation, and the manufacturing according to Atlas Copco's high quality standards, make the GX5-11 a highly reliable compressed air system.

Simple and low cost maintenance
• No wearing parts
• Longer service intervals
• Easy access through front door and removable side panels
The service friendly design, and the availability of standard service kits make maintenance very easy and cost effective.

More air for less power
• Energy saving control
• High efficiency rotary compressor element and electric motor
• Compact design
To save energy, the compressor automatically shuts down when no compressed air is needed.
Combined with the Atlas Copco patented screw element and a high efficiency motor, the GX offers low energy consumption and high air delivery during the entire compressor lifetime.

Compact and complete
• Low pressure drops
• Less chance for leakages
• No installation costs
A complete compressed air system in less then lm2.

Clean and dry air
• Save on operational costs by protecting downstream equipment and end products
• Protect the environment
Moisture, dirt and aerosols in compressed air can damage tools and contaminate end products. All equipment required to clean and dry the air is integrated within the GX:
• 3-stage oil separation system with a residual oil carry-over of less then 3mg/m3
• After cooler separating 70% of the water in the compressed air.
• A high performance refrigerant dryer to dry the compressed air.
• General purpose or high efficiency filter kit to further clean the compressed air.

Quiet operation
• Rotary technology
• Specially designed low noise cooling fan
• Sound enclosure
With sound levels between 66dB(A) and 71dB(A), the GX can be installed anywhere in the workshop.

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